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vendOS is a platform for building interactive user interfaces for deployment on smart vending machines. This documentation currently only explores the FieldCommand SDK, in future it will also include the other elements.

What can vendOS apps do?

vendOS apps are built to be displayed and interacted with on vending machine screens. They are made from frontend web technologies and get stored locally on a PC, the apps have the ability to fully interact with the vending hardware via our JS SDK. Allowing you complete freedom to design and develop whatever suits your needs and the needs of your clients.

What is vendOS made up of?

vendOS is an end to end platform consisting of two core components, Mothership and FieldCommand. Mothership is an online platform for managing, monitoring and uploading new apps to your machine fleet. FieldCommand is whats running on your vending hardware, it displays your apps and gives technicians an easy to use UI for configuring and maintaining the machine.

What do I have access to?

Currently we are only offering the ability to create local apps with our FieldCommand vendos-js library. By mid 2020 we will also open up the Mothership API that will allow you to send vend commands to machines from anywhere in the world.

Librarys and tools

  • vendos-js - Promise based library for controlling the hardware.

  • vendos-mothership-js - An API to remotely control a fleet of vending machine. COMING SOON

  • vendos-devtools - Chrome Extension for mocking the hardware when developing locally.

We are currently BETA testing the librarys, documentation, chrome extension and general platform so please do get in touch with us at [email protected] if you would like any changes, extra features or if something just does not make sense!