Storing and retrieving data with vendOS

Local Storage

Local storage is used for storing non business critical information that needs to be persisted across machine reboots and frame reloads. The data you save here is only ever stored to the machines local disc.

A good use-case for this method of data storage is if you needed a leaderboard for a game you have created. There is no need to send your users scores to the cloud when they will only be accessed on the machine.

Local Data Storage

Important Note: The data in local storage can be stored and retrieved by your application so it is very important that no personal information is stored here as anybody with access to the hardware could in theory extract it from the disk.

Cloud Storage

Used for storing user data and general analytics. This data is sent to our servers and can only be accessed via your dashboard. It should be treated as "fire and forget" in your application state. If the machine does not have an internet connection or cannot access the storage server the data is stored locally to the disk and is encrypted with a public key supplied by the server.

By encrypting the data on disk with the public key nobody has access to the data until it has been sent to our server. This means that the method of storing is fully GDPR compliant.

Cloud Data Storage

Note: This feature is not yet available publicly; but we will update this documentation when the feature is ready to roll-out. Stay tuned!