The data tab visualises the current Data sets and their contained data. Read a bit more about local data storage here


Sets are outlined in a table. The table shows their set names, the number of records contained within the set and a couple of actionable buttons to the right.

Example Data Sets

You can view a set's data by clicking the "view" button to the right of the set, or clear the entire set and its data by clicking the "clear" button.

Warning: you can't undo a clear, so make sure you no longer need the set and its data before using this functionality.

As well as viewing a set's data from this table, you can also view it by clicking on the top right button in a related data message in the messages tab. So long as the set still exists you will be taken straight to the sets data page.

Example of Message Data Access

Records view

Viewing a set will take you to its records page where it will dump the entire contents of its records into an expandable object view. Here you can expand/contract various nodes and explore the set thoroughly.

Example of Records View